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The Designer is me…
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Visually Stimulating…

All designs are visually stimulating to suit your taste. Each design underwent a vigorous process before it can be implemented and put into reality. With the use of advanced web design, Design by Vent comes up with a design that is worth to be looked at by anybody and be appreciated by many.


The true test of how good a design is when any person will take a pause, take a few seconds to take a look at it without blinking, and the moment a person spends more than a minute to look at it – then I have done my job pretty well. The purpose of having a great design is in order to encourage a person to take a look, and relay the message him.


Great designs have always been expensive. It is rare that you come across with a graphic designer who charges less for a superb piece of art. By Design by Vent, you can be assured that all designs are superb quality yet you would only pay a fraction of the cost you have to pay for a high end designer. Get more value for what you have paid for. Every project I do will always be a product of my years of experience and love without you having to spend more for what you can afford.

Design by Vent the graphic designer for you…

With years of experience under my sleeves, a long list of loyal clients, countless thehoth reviews from satisfied clients, and an affordable, professional fee… you would surely love to hire me!

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